SuHun Han (ssut)

Text message over +1 470) 296-1310

b. 1995, Goyang, Republic of Korea

Korean native speaker, English as a second language (intermediate, improving in progress!)

Email: ssut at
GitHub: @ssut
SO: @ssut
Flickr: ssut*
YouTube: han ssut

All my stuffs developed so far. (see w/ GitHub and LinkedIn)

... and other stuffs, check on GitHub.

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This page is hosted on my home server!

Running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS since 2009 - Uptime and downtime with 99.8% SLA. (approximately only 17.5 hours downtime per year even though this server is located on my house.)

Intel Core i7-2600. 32GB DDR3 RAM. 256GB SSD. 4TB HDD Storage. (w/ Backup Storage)
Korea Telecom 500Mbps Shared Link.